Fairway Christian Church Event Form
This form must be completed and returned to the Event Coordinator before your event will be added to the calendar.
Printable Event Form
If you would prefer to print the form out and turn it in at the church you can do so by clicking the link below.
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Online Event Form 
Please complete all the questions and “submit”  You will be notified when your event is approved.
Please notate “N/A” for any questions that do not apply to your event.
A few changes have been made to this form, if you have any questions, please contact Leigh Ann or John Sears.

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Worship CenterFellowship HallKitchenChoir RoomClassroom AClassroom BClassroom CClassroom DClassroom ENursery

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Has Speaker been approved?

If no, Contact Butch Gastfield for speaker approval.

Describe AV and Room setup needs (Room diagrams are available from Leigh Ann or John Sears.)

Who will open and close the building? (required)

Person responsible to open and close must come in office to check out key and learn security system prior to event. Key must be turned in the next business day after event.