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The Purpose:
To promote Christian Fellowship among the members and friends of Fairway Christian Church, while at the same time, enlarging the circle of friends and acquaintances, in order to develop a closer personal relationship within our spiritual family.
Why do we need this ministry?
Most everyone who moves into The Villages and the surrounding area is a complete stranger to most, if not all, of the members of Fairway Christian Church.  Many find it difficult to connect to new friends and acquaintances after having left old friends and familiar places.   Often, we hear it said, “We don’t know anyone”, so this ministry is designed to get people connected, especially within our church family.
How does it work?
Individuals and/or couples volunteer to serve as host/hostesses for a Friendship Group for a period of 4 months. (The first get-together is held at the church and the group shares in the planning of future get-togethers.)  Each group will have from 6-8 people in it and will meet together once a month for fellowship.  Each group is independent of all other groups as to what activity they choose for the month.  It could be a covered dish fellowship with each couple/individual bringing a dish; the group can decide to eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner together; play golf or enjoy some other activity together.
After 4 months, we will “upset the fruit basket” and each host/hostess will have a new group of people.  This will allow everyone the opportunity to get better acquainted with a different group of people.
How will I know which group I’m in?
After you add your name to the sign up sheet for Friendship groups in the Gathering Hall, you will meet on a Sunday afternoon at the church to meet your group for the next 4 months, do some planning and have a time of fellowship.  This will provide a wonderful means of getting better acquainted with your Fairway church family.