Meet Our Elders
Bill Burson
Bill has served in the Church of Christ for 39 years and at Fairway for over 10 years.  Here at Fairway, he has served as Chairman of the Deacon program, taught Sunday Bible Study, and as Chairman of the Elders. 
John Hall
John has been a member of the Christian Church for 68 years, having served as both a Deacon and an Elder.  He has served as an Elder for over 10 years at Fairway, and was Building Chairman for the original facility. 
Harry Harris
After moving to The Villages, Harry joined Fairway and began his church service.  He worked on several projects that led him to becoming one of the Deacons where he because Secretary and Vice Chairman.  He is also the Ministry Group Leader over the Membership Ministries.
Liskey, Norm
Norm Liskey
Since coming to Fairway, Norm has served as Chairman of the Deacons, is currently a member of the Long Range Planning Committee, Chairman of the Elders and Church Administrator.
Allan McClure
Since joining Fairway in 2001, Allan has served as Elder, Chairman of the Elders, a member of the Budget Committee and as the Church grew he took a leave from the Eldership to go on staff as Church Administrator.  He retired that position in Nov. 2014 and was reinstated into the Eldership in May of 2015. 
Meet Our Deacons
Richard Cammeron
Michael Bolter
Herb Bussa
Charlie Covey
Tom Ebmeyer
Dan Lowmaster
Jerry Maddox
Bill McAlister
Mike RossROSS-MIKE-263