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Audio/Visual Technicians
The men and women who volunteer their time and talents in this ministry carry out a vital part of Worship services.  They are the ones that control the sound, lighting and video during the services.  If you have experience in any of these areas and would like to volunteer, please contact John Penn in the Church office.
What a wonderful feeling to assist someone who has made the decision to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and is baptized!  This ministry helps those being baptized by showing them where the baptismal robes, shoes, and towels are in the changing rooms.  They assist people up the stairs into the baptistery and is waiting with towels after the baptism.  They are there should the person being baptized or the minister need anything.   Afterwards, they launder the robes and towels and return them to the church.   If interested in helping with this ministry, please call the church office.
Communion Preparation
This ministry involves preparing the communion for each Worship service.  People are scheduled for each service to prepare the communion trays by filling the cups with juice and measuring out the bread for each tray.  Then each service there is another team scheduled to clean up after the service.  It takes less than an hour to complete either position and people are not scheduled more than once a month.  If interested in this ministry, please contact the church office.  
We are in need of people to prepare communion and
clean up afterwards at all services!
Communion Servers and Ushers
The men who volunteer for this ministry would serve on a rotating basis in the passing of communion trays and offering plates.  Before the services they assist people in finding seats, etc.  If interested in the ministry please contact the church office.
Those who volunteer for this ministry have one of the most important jobs because they  are the first person a first-time visitor meets when coming to Fairway.  That first impression can mean the difference in someone becoming part of the Fairway family or never coming back.  Greeters are posted at all the outside doors to greet people as they enter the building .  We also have Greeters at the entrances to the Worship Center that hand out bulletins.  All greeters return to their assigned doors after the service to thank people for coming.  If interested please call the church office.
We are in need of someone to coordinate the Saturday Greeters.
Welcome Centers
Our Welcome Centers are located in the North and South Foyers and at Door 2.  Volunteers are posted here to answer questions, give directions and welcome first-time visitors by getting them to fill out a registration card, giving them a name tag and gift bag.   If interested please contact the church office. 
The HUB, located in the Gathering Hall is a busy place before and after Worship services.  Volunteers working the HUB assist people in signing up for activities, classes, Bible Studies and events.  They check out earphones & receivers for the hearing impaired, and answer any questions that people may have.  If interested in working in the HUB, please call the church office.