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Prisoners of Hope
Box 4180 CR 181
Wildwood, FL 34785
Zachariah 9:2 “Turn you to the strong hold, ye prisoners of hope even today do I declare that I will render double unto Thee.”
    The word ‘Prisoners of Hope’ stood out in the passage and Bishop Samuel Cotto was led to establish Prisoners of Hope as a faith-based ministry through the manifestation of God’s power.  His approach was to reach out to the incarcerated population within the state of Florida.  He knew the failure rate for rehabilitating prisoners was traditionally high, but he believed in the power of God and the love of Jesus Christ.  
    Undaunted, Bishop Samuel acquired some land and a facility with a few rooms where the men could stay while they are in transition.  He recruited a ministry team that included teachers, ministers and volunteers.  He assembled an Advisory Board and a Board of Directors.  He has diligently visited the churches within the immediate area to introduce them to the mission of Prisoners of Hope and to recruit the help of Christian fellowships.  One such church has been Fairway Christian Church of The Villages, Florida.  
    Fairway Christian Church is proud to support the Ministry of Prisoners of Hope.  The church provides financial support, as well as, gifts of love from church members.  In addition, Fairway members provide volunteer services, such as administrative support, teaching special classes for the students and advisory assistance, as needed.
    There are several other churches in the area that also provide needed services for Prisoners of Hope.  These include counseling, teaching, cooking, and other needed services.
Students and Staff
Religious Participation

Students attending services at Fairway Christian Church

Prisoners of Hope require the students to attend regular church services. This is a primary requirement of such faith based rehabilitation.  The students visit services and various churches, in different cities.  The purpose is to acquaint the students to different types of services and to meet new people.  It is also a good chance for the church members to meet these young men and hear their heartwarming testimonies. Each student has a story to tell.
Student Participation
Bishop Samuel Cotto believes it is very important to keep the new students active and busy as they progress through the program of rehabilitation.  The students have many and varied talents and are eager and willing to work and help people.  They have performed landscaping, warehousing work, truck driving and moving senior citizens who are unable to do the work themselves.  The students provide assistance to Fairway Christian Church for dinners, special occasions, grounds work and more.