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The Prayer Shawl Ministry will meet in Classroom E at 11:00 am,
following Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Study.
If you know how to knit or crochet please join us.  
If you would like to learn, we have printed instructions and will help you get started!
 The Prayer Shawl Ministry was started as a way for compassionate people to encourage those who are going through a difficult time.  As part of the Prayer Shawl Ministry of Fairway Christian Church, the shawls are hand made by one of Fairway’s members.
While being crafted, those making the shawls are praying for the recipient.  When completed, the shawls are prayer over by the whole group.  Our hope is that the shawl will bring comfort and blessing to the recipient so they can rest in the knowledge that their need has been brought before the throne of Christ by others looking out for them.
The ministry’s message of caring is simple and universal.  The creation and presentation of a prayer shawl enriches the giver as well as the recipient.  Beautiful colors and silky softness shaped into a shawl symbolizes shelter, peace and a spiritual sustenance.  There is nothing magical about the shawl.  It is just a blessing to show God’s love.