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Ladies Precept
Bible Study
led by Lula Reynolds & Barbara Coburn
Tues. Mornings 9-11 am
Sept 5 – Dec 12
Classroom A-B
“Revelation Part 3”
In this 12 week study of Revelation Part 3, we will explore the relationship of this book to the Gospels.  We will be looking at the prophesies and teachings contained there regarding the last days.  Therefore, there is no need to have completed Parts
Men’s Bible Study
led by Mark Fessler
Wed Mornings 8-9 am
Sept 6 – Dec. 13
Classroom C-D
“Twelve Ordinary Men”
They weren’t saints.  They weren’t scholars.  They weren’t even religious sages.  What is most amazing about the disciples is that Jesus ever selected them at all
Wednesday Night
Bible Study
led by John Penn
Wednesday Nights
6:30 – 7:30 pm
October 25 – Dec. 13
Classroom C-D
“The Rocks Cry Out”
We will examine several Bible persons, events, and places which are questioned by skeptical scholars and unbelievers, who believe that they are largely or totally fictitious.  You’ll see that what we find in the land of Israel – the rocks, artifacts, writings, and other evidence – declares their truthfulness, just like we read in the Bible.  Come and explore them with us!
Wednesday Night
Bible Study
led by Butch Gastfield
Wednesday Nights
6:30 – 7:30 pm
October 25 – December 13
Fellowship Hall
“Always Be Prepared”
This series will ask:
* Does faith require that I kiss my brains goodbye?
* Is God just a figment of my imagination?  
* Jesus Christ: liar, lunatic or Lord?
* Do people really rise from the grave?
* Is the Bible just another book?
* Do miracles only happen in Hollywood?
* Science never lies, right?